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About Us

Early Nurture is a family run business providing a flexible, exciting and nurturing home from home environment. At Early Nurture our priority mirrors that of any parent; to leave your child in a safe and secure establishment, where they will be looked after by caring and motivated individuals. 


Childcare is often a child’s first significant experience of the world outside their home. They meet new adults, begin to make friends and are exposed to a multitude of new play experiences.


The daily set up is based on the children’s choice, they choose what to play/explore with throughout the day. We have a large garden that is full of resources linked with the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 ages from 3 months to 10 years old.  


Here at Early Nurture we believe children learn

 though play, while also providing focused activities linked to the child’s next steps.

We offer parent & partnership days where parents/guardians can come in and take part in some activities with their child. To continue the seamless educational experience we provide takeaway learning packs, so the children and parents can do activities at home.

We believe keeping the children active and exercising their minds with new experiences helps their learning and development. The children will learn Makaton signs througout the day. 


We also do local excursions including trips to the local children centre’s, Dean City Farm, local parks, forest walks, Morden Hall Park, visiting different stores and soft play centre’s.

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